Grandma’s Homemade Spiced Tomato Juice – Canning Recipe


Grandma's Homemade Spiced Tomato Juice  - Krafted Koch - Canning Recipe

Grandma’s Homemade Spiced Tomato Juice has phenomenal flavors with fresh garden ripened tomatoes and a hint of green bell peppers and onion. It blows the store bought tomato juice out of the water, and for many recipes, it is worth the extra effort for great flavor.

I have vivid memories of helping my Grandma Koch can everything from tomatoes and green beans, to sauerkraut and pickles. She had, what felt like a field as a child, for a garden. It was massive and the produce that it generated was overwhelming. Nothing went to waste in the Koch household though, so every last vegetable was canned. After my grandmother passed away when I was young, my mother took home some of her canned goods that overflowed from her pantry. 10-15 years later, I kid you not, we were still eating the sauerkraut that my grandmother had canned. Now, I know that is not in accordance with food safety rules, but my mother was not about to let perfectly good produce go to waste. Haha! We never got sick much as children, so perhaps it was helping build up our immune systems. 😉

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